For many of our clients, their business is their life. We understand that. Understanding the importance of the business to our clients, however, does not mean ignoring sound financial planning and practices.

Because our clients have poured their heart and soul into building successful companies, they have often pushed sound financial planning and wealth diversification to the back burner. While they have often built significant net worth, the vast majority of that net worth tends to be illiquid and tied up in their business. That’s where ButcherJoseph & Co. can help.

Our clients know that wealth diversification and liquidity are important issues. They’re often not sure just how to go about implementing strategies to create that diversification and liquidity. They have no interest at this point in selling their companies, but a leveraged recapitalization is often the solution to their desire for liquidity. Our team of professionals has worked with numerous business owners over the years to recapitalize their businesses to provide dividends and distributions that allow for greater diversification and liquidity creation.

As part of the process, we work to create this liquidity but also to ensure that there is plenty of capital in the company to support the business plan and create incentives for key employees. With our knowledge of the financing markets and access to private capital sources, we’re able to optimize the financing needed to create liquidity and position the company for future success.

We’re experienced and knowledgeable enough to know that we can’t provide our clients with one cookie cutter option for obtaining liquidity. Every case is different and every solution is different as well. Whether a client wants to obtain 100% liquidity or partial liquidity, we have the tools to allow them to do it their way.

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