Professional Partners

Professional Partners

We work with our professional partners to get the optimal transaction closed for our clients.

Over the course of our careers, we have yet to close even one transaction by ourselves.  Every transaction takes a team of professional advisors.  We embrace these teams and dedicate ourselves to being great partners to our fellow professionals.  Our goals are the same as yours, execute on a transaction plan and maximize value for our clients.

Commercial Banking Partners

We have deep experience in leveraged finance and in using lending facilities to create liquidity.  Our commercial banking relationships are critical to the success of each transaction. Our focus, therefore, is to work to enhance our commercial bankers’ relationships with their clients, not to replace it.  Many of our clients have had long standing associations with their existing bank.  It is our responsibility to provide guidance to our mutual client as to the capital structure best suited to meet client and transaction needs.  We understand that the cheapest capital may not be the best capital for a given transaction and the existing banking relationship is often best suited to provide the optimal solution.

Additionally, we are very experienced in structuring ESOP transactions.  An ESOP is a sale to management and the employees; and more often than not an ESOP allows the bank to retain and strengthen its relationship.  Let’s talk about how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Wealth Managers, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Financial Advisors

We create liquidity for business owners and understand that AUM is the lifeblood of the investment professional.  Our team was originally created within a large Wall Street firm.  Our directive was to provide liquidity solutions to privately held business owners and shareholder groups.  This mandate not only served the firm’s clients well, but we also enabled advisors to gather more assets under management as part of helping their clients achieve their financial goals.

We are well aware that we are working with your clients, too.  As such, we involve you every step of the way.  From the initial discussions through closing, we make sure you are positioned to capture the incremental assets created by the liquidity transaction.  From using the Section 1042 capital gains tax deferral that is available to sellers of C-Corp stock to an ESOP to alternative asset class strategies, we work as partners to provide creative solutions for your clients.  We should explore how a relationship with ButcherJoseph & Co. can add value to your relationships.

Attorneys & Accountants

In many cases, our clients’ attorney and accountant relationships are the business owners’ longest-term, most trusted relationships.  We can play a complementary role, working with you to structure transactions that allow you to maintain and strengthen your relationships.  When it’s time to sell a business or raise capital for a leveraged recapitalization, we work in conjunction with you to provide solutions that allow you to retain your relationships.  We have found that a sale to an ESOP can generally achieve most of your clients’ goals, while strengthening the relationship.  Our approach minimizes the likelihood that you will lose a relationship as the result of a sale to a third party.  In our experience, business owners will sell to an ESOP over pursuing an outside sale once we show them how their proceeds can be similar.  You are able to demonstrate your ability to deliver creative solutions, while working with us as a partner whose services and expertise are complementary to yours.

Other Intermediaries

We have successfully worked with other investment bankers whose clients are reviewing liquidity alternatives, but whose expertise doesn’t include ESOPs.  Our approach is to review the ESOP alongside traditional third party sale alternatives.  When the ESOP provides the best solution to the client’s needs, we are able to work with you cooperatively to close the transaction.  You are able to deliver the best alternative to your client and demonstrate your commitment to them by bringing in the appropriate outside expertise required to close the ESOP transaction.

We make sure our partners are fully informed and involved to the degree they want to be every step of the way.  They, in effect, become the co-quarterback on the transaction. Our services can provide a great tool for new business development and can help cement relationships for the long term.

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