Feasibility Assessment

Business transactions involve numerous structural options and can get pretty complicated. Before we jump in, we want to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Prior to a client engaging us or paying us any sort of fee, we want to aid them in better understanding the transaction they’re considering. As a first step, we conduct a Feasibility Assessment. This is not intended to be a tiring process, as we can usually complete it within two to three weeks.

Our Feasibility Assessment consists of what is most important to you. What is your business worth? What are the transaction solutions that best fit your needs and are available to you? How commercially feasible are each of those solutions? What are the financial implications of those solutions? Our Feasibility Assessment is key for you to start the learning process and to make an informed and considered decision.

Give us a call, tell us what your goals are and let us put together an analysis for you.

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