ESOP Consultants (Advisors)

ESOP Consultants (Advisors)

Our ESOP Advisors have years of corporate finance experience that provides us with the insight and knowledge to structure the highest value transaction for our clients based on their specific requirements.  Through our experience, our consultants have perfected best practices that enable us to manage a streamlined, efficient process allowing us to close deals faster and with less disruption to the client’s business and with less intrusion on their management team.

Our team of ESOP experts has quarterbacked more than $1.75 billion in ESOP transactions throughout the course of their careers. They have seen and dealt with almost every variation on the ESOP theme and bring that expertise to work on behalf of our clients.

Our ESOP advisors are experts in corporate finance and are continuously in the market raising capital, giving us the advantage of knowing the optimal financing options available for each specific deal.

As consultants that specialize in ESOPs, we understand the highly technical nature of ESOPs and how to properly structure them to create a win-win scenario for existing shareholders, management and employees.

Here’s what our ESOP advisors provide:

Feasibility Assessment

Company analysis and industry research. Illustrations and financial models of transaction options. Read more.

ESOP Corporate Finance

Our advisors design the structure of the transaction. Read more.

Assembly of the team

We bring together and coordinate the professionals

Capital raise

We go to market to raise the optimal capital. Read more.

Timely deal closure

Efficient process means faster closing.

Maximum Value

Our #1 goal is to provide maximum value to the shareholder.


guide to structuring and maintaining an ESOPProperly Structuring & Maintaining an ESOP

Click here to download our latest white paper.  This paper reviews the steps and considerations that should be taken into account when using an ESOP as a business ownership transition tool.

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