Debt & Equity Sourcing

The key to many of our clients’ success is the optimal use of private debt and equity capital to support short-term and long-term objectives.  Our process ensures we deliver the optimal capital structure to our clients.

We start with understanding client requirements through hands-on analysis and a review of the current capital structure. By comparing current market conditions with our clients’ current situation, we’re able to determine areas for improvement.

We then prepare our own credit analysis of our client’s business, the potential impact of various capital structure alternatives and then present our analysis. Following client approval, we take the transaction to market, capitalizing on the numerous relationships we have with financing sources up and down the capital structure, from senior debt to equity.

Working with our financing relationships, we identify and deliver the best private capital options, which we apply to transactions, recapitalizations and growth strategies.

Experience has shown us that most of our clients are unaware of the wide variety of capital sources available to them. That’s where we add tremendous value. There may be the need for a mixture of capital sources for a client, given short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, and that’s where we deliver.

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