What is a leveraged recapitalization?

December 23, 2015

Recapitalizing a business can yield more liquidity and efficient capital. Pursuing a recapitalization is a useful process for many owners and shareholders to gain access to the critical funds necessary for success.

The Ins and Outs of an ESOP Recapitalization

November 18, 2015

ESOP ownership does not have to be an all or nothing endeavor. ESOP-owned companies can maintain the culture of employee ownership while optimizing the ESOP’s interest through a recapitalization.

When should an ESOP-owned company pursue a recapitalization?

November 11, 2015

A 100% ESOP-owned company can find a happy medium, and maintain their culture of employee ownership, through a recapitalization.

The benefits of recapitalization for business owners

September 25, 2015

Recapitalization can provide benefits to owners looking to grow their business, expand into new markets or start planning their exit from the company.

Transportation / Shipping Related Manufacturer Recapitalization

February 10, 2012

When one of our clients was diagnosed with a serious illness, he asked our firm to help structure a transaction that would allow him to accomplish several goals with respect to ownership transition. Among his key objectives were to maintain majority ownership of the business, which served the ocean shipping and transportation segment, within the… Read more.

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